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How it works

250.000 MWh The estimated total EV battery capacity in the EU in 2025


Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) is an innovative technology that allows electric vehicles (EVs) to not only draw electricity from the grid for charging but also to feed excess energy back into the grid when needed. This bidirectional flow of energy benefits both EV owners and the electricity grid.

In a V2G system, EVs are equipped with bi-directional charging technology, enabling them to communicate with the grid and adjust their charging and discharging patterns. When plugged in, an EV can charge its battery during periods of low demand and low electricity prices, helping owners save money. Then, during peak demand or when the grid requires additional power, the EV can discharge electricity back to the grid, earning the owner compensation for the energy supplied.


V2G Liberty uses Home Assistant, an open-source home automation server as it’s base platform.

It gets smart schedules from FlexMeasures. This also open-source cloud software optimises the schedules for maximum financial benefit based on the dynamic prices for the customer.

In order to always have enough driving range the user can set a minimum charge %. Besides that, the system is connected to the users calender so that when a longer trip is at hand the battery is charged fully.

And last but not least the user can always override the system an tell it to immediately charge with full power.

All in all a graceful balance between user needs and financial and sustainable benefits.