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Earning money

€ 0,06 / kWh Average charge-price in 2022 for first user Ard Jonker

Business case

The businesscase is good with a reasonable payback period and looks promising for the near future.

Bi-directional chargers currently are costly as they are not main stream yet. You’ll pay double or triple the price of a standard smart charger. In some area’s subsidies are provided.

But things are changing fast nowadays. Several charger manufacturers, including mayor brands, have shown a working V2G capable charger. These use CCS 2.0 combined with the ISO15118 standard, both AC and DC.
This standard is also implemented on EV’s, e.g. all electric vehicles from Volkswagen group have bi-directional charging

Image by Krakenimages, unsplash

EPEX spread and charge power

The most interesting way to monetise V2G are dynamic prices. Every hour has it’s own cost per kWh which leads to a spread, the price difference during a 24hr time period. Depending on the charge power and battery size one can trade a certain amount of electricity. Historic prices have shown results of €2 to €3 a day with extremes to more than ten euro’s a day.